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A Wicked Desire (Creatures of Darkness 3) A stemy paranormal romance novel.

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Is there such a thing as safe? Not in Coraline’s world.
Having returned to the enchanted cottage, Coraline is ready to move on from her terrible captivity by a sadistic doctor deep within an ancient mine, but with her constant nightmares, the dangerous wraith still haunting her residence, and Bray’s absence as he seeks to find and punish those who hurt her, she is finding it difficult. Her only focus now is saving Mason.

A terrible curse
As the debilitating curse hacks away at Mason’s life, Knox seems determined to make her miserable. She must learn to manage his brutish demands while hiding the fact that she has enlisted Saraphine’s help in mastering her magic—the one thing he fears most. If Knox cannot control her, he might prefer her dead.

A fateful quest
When Mason’s condition quickly deteriorates, Cora must embark on a quest for the one thing that could save his life. But when she discovers Knox will accompany her, she fears she will not return alive. Trusting him is a gamble she may never win…unless she can find other ways to tame the wild vampire.


Kiersten FayAs a paranormal romance author, there are several things that drive me when it comes to writing: action, conflict, and the idea of true love are just a few.

My Shadow Quest series is a unique mix of genres, published in both ebook and trade paperback. I’ve categorized my writing style as paranormal romance, because that’s where it fits best, but it’s so much more than that — part action adventure, part sci-fi space epic, as well as paranormal romance. I’m compelled to write about supernatural creatures from demons, dragons, fairies, witches, and I might even incorporate a few humans.

The Shadow Quest books are an adult romance series that follow several alien characters with origins based loosely on mythology and lore. Book one, Demon Possession, introduces Analia, whose magic powers are a mystery even to her, and Sebastian, a demon who captains the ship Marada. Your heart will squeeze for their struggle. Each character is well developed and will instantly draw you in with their charming humor and whit. And while none of my characters are looking for love, they ultimately find it as chaos and turmoil unfold around them.

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If you are already acquainted with my books, I would appreciate any rating or review you might be compelled give. Amazon is the best place to post a review, at least for me. Goodreads is wonderful as well. Demon Possession already has several 5 star ratings on both sites, but every little bit helps to get the word out about such a fantastic paranormal romance series.

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I have so many plans for the future of this series, and you can expect to have many more books to come.